Hi, I’m Nadine, a creative wedding photographer based near Richmond-upon-Thames but there’s nowhere I won’t go for a good wedding whether its in the UK or further afield.  Weddings are undoubtedly beautiful affairs and I’ll be sure to capture yours in all its glory but when you look at your images I want you to remember not just how you looked, but exactly how you FELT at that moment in time. I do love creating beautiful portraits, you’ll see a lot of them in my galleries, but the excitement, the nerves, the pride, the over whelming joy, the nostalgia, the laughter and all the tears…these are the meaningful emotions that make the most precious images, that keep the truly important memories, of the truly important people, alive.  The beauty of things, the beauty of people, the beauty of the moment…that is my style and if it sounds like what you’re looking for then great, have a little look around or get straight in touch and Let’s Chat!